What could interactive websites do for you?

Many companies can benefit from using an interactive website to help their customers.

You may want to make your products' database available allowing customers and prospects to browse through your products - and then go on to order!.

Perhaps you want to reduce the amount of time and effort spent in answering customer queries. All you need do is to set up a FAQs (Frequently asked Questions) database (easy for you to keep up to date) and allow them to find the answers themselves. Available 24 hours per day - seven days a week. No more busy phone lines.

Perhaps customers want to be kept up to date with new product announcements. Well, let them record their interest in the online database and you can email them regularly.
You may be launching a new product or service and need some customer feedback, Set up a BBS (Bulletin Board System) and invite users to comment,
Customer Email Management
Use the power and flexibility of the Webcare Email Management System to keep in touch with your customers and prospects.
Send simple emails, newsletters, attachments as often as you like, when you like all at very low cost.
Additional Software Services.
Use our experience and expertise to build interactive websites. We use PHP and Perl as the programming languages and MySQL as the database to give you cost effective, powerful tailored systems.
Training in Internet technologies is also available.

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